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Walking for Eternity is not that easy.
You have to work for what you believe in, and watch everything that is around you.

Things are as not as they seem to be,
but sometimes they are.

Always watch your back, and never promise something that you know you can't keep, because in the end someone is either going to get hurt, or turn out being happy.

Everyone wants a happy ending.
People don't get it,
but just hope for the best.


Calligraphy for Event
by Wendy Xu



Johnny Depp giving CPR to his jack Sparrow wig.

His stunt double is having the best day

Jack Sparrow laughing at another Jack Sparrow’s jokes just seems really appropriate


Berlin, Germany-based fine art photographer and psychologist Markus Studtmann takes striking architectural photos that he later digitally deconstructs and recomposes to create awesome architectural illusions. He describes this process as Painting with Light:

"Although light and colors are captured with the camera, they were afterwards repainted in the digital darkroom in order to fit the artist’s vision and impressions. This results in unique images which extend beyond the realm of the camera and often resemble paintings or graphics."

Head over to Markus Studtmann’s 500px page to check out more of his dramatic and surreal cityscapes.

[via Scene360]